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[HOT] Another article on Katigbak and Izummi

Written by Joseph P. Whalen, a former government employee who is familiar with the INA.,1228-whalen.shtm

[HOT] A good opinion article on the state of EB-5 project pre-approval procedure

The below is an honest opinion article written by another EB-5 practitioner.

Most EB-5 practitioners would agree with what the author says. The article points out very troubling concerns, such as:

1. USCIS not working together internally.

2. CSC not consistent in policies.

3. CSC unable to shorten the I-526 processing.

[HOT] Future USCIS EB-5 Teleconference scheduled for 2012

USCIS has released the schedule for 2012 EB-5 Teleconferences as follows:

According to many EB-5 practitioners, these teleconferences are not that helpful. Also, EB-5 practitioners agree that CSC does not appear to follow what USCIS says in these teleconferences. Lastly, USCIS picks out only those agenda questions they want to answer; in other words, USCIS avoids tough questions, or their answers are too general in nature.

[HOT] NY Times article on EB-5 issue of TEA

One knowledgeable EB-5 practitioner made several good points regarding the above article which we would like to share:

1. What is wrong with "gerrymandering" when the the law permits states to make TEA determinations, and states are certainly free to certify TEA based on a "gerrymandered" map. The article would have been more informative if the article could show why or how the TEA designation was unlawful.

2. The article implies that New Yorkers are fully employed, while people in Vermont are living in the street. That is false. There are plenty of places in NYC, including and especially in central areas, where unemployment figures are high.

[HOT] Children of Immigrant Entrepreneurs Excel Educationally -- Report Finds

I am not sure I totally agree that the above conclusion should be drawn from the report -- I think a more apt conclusion that should be drawn is that some children of immigrant entrepreneurs excel educationally -- but nevertheless, the reports serves to point out important point.

[HOT] Apparently Alabama doesn't mind arresting foreign workers in NIV status

Alabama tries to attract foreign investment by saying it is one of the most business friendly states, but look what's happening now:

Apparently, Alabama wants foreign investment but doesn't mind arresting their workers in non-immigrant visa status. Time to inform Honda, Hyundai and Kia -- all international companies doing business and hiring U.S. workers residing in Alabama -- that they are not welcome.

[HOT] Reauthorizing the EB-5 Regional Center Program Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing

It's good to know that this kind of hearing is being held now. The EB-5 RC Program should not be just reauthorized but be made permanent if the Congress is serious about attracting EB-5 investments.

Witnesses' Statements:

By Robert Devine:

By David North:

By William Stenger:

“Reauthorizing the EB-5 Regional Center Program: Promoting Job Creation and Economic Development in American Communities”

Senate Judiciary Committee
Full Committee

DATE: December 7, 2011
TIME: 10:00 AM
ROOM: Dirksen 226

[HOT] A revised broad USCIS EB-5 policy guidance memo posted

This proposed revised policy guidance memo -- referred to as an "overarching" memo by Director Mayorkas -- reiterates for the most part what the EB-5 statutes and regs already say. This is an overarching memo in that it should be taken as a broad plan for a house of EB-5 whose individual rooms will be filled in, but general strokes will remain the same. In other words, individual rooms will be built through additional rounds of comments but the approximate boundaries have been drawn.

[HOT] Government and stakeholders need to work together to find solutions to create jobs!

We are all for the U.S. government (through its agencies) and stakeholders working together to find solutions to create more jobs. What took them so long?

Hopefully, this talk leads to fruitful actions and changes.

[HOT] Residence visas for buying a house?

Another bill which has very little chance of passing, but we are posting this for those curious.

Note that his bill would NOT grant a green card for buying a house; just a three-year temporary X visa. Nor would it allow the person to work in the US. They would also have to live at least 180 days a year in the US.

Heck, if this bill passes, no one will pursue the current EB-5 Program. For the record, we are not against this bill; we just think it has no chance of passing.

[HOT] An article written by a former USCIS adjudicator involved in EB-5 Program

An article on USCIS EB-5 policy from a former USCIS adjudicator, Joseph P. Whalen, who was involved in adjudicating EB-5 cases. Seems like said writer actually agrees with what we have been saying all along in this website. We know Mr.