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[HOT] Number of I-526 and I-829 applications pending at TSC and CSC

USCIS has recently disclosed that TSC currently has (still) around 130 I-526 and 46 I-829s, and TSC is expected to complete these before April 2009. CSC has 424 I-526 and 466 I-829s currently pending. As you can see, CSC now has most of the EB-5-related applications, and gradually, TSC should be phasing out its EB-5 adjudication operation.

USCIS EB-5 Headquarters "soon" to issue guidance memos on various EB-5 issues

During the Stakeholders meeting in Wash. D.C. on February 27, 2009, USCIS EB-5 Headquarters informed attendees that they will "soon" publish certain guidance memos addressing various EB-5 areas, as well as provide answers to prepared list of questions. Once we receive and review these guidance memos and Q & As, we will upload relevant information.

Bill introduced to offer certain qualifying E-2 visa holders an opportunity to apply for green card

According to certain sources, this bill was introduced by a Florida Congressman because a lot of expat Brits in his district that have been pushing for E-2 reform. However, don't hold your breath: This kind of immigration bill only has a chance (remote, we believe) of being enacted when a broad immigration reform passes. Below is the text of the bill: H. R. 1162

Consular posts inconsistent reg. validity dates of Immigrant Visas in light of approaching sunset deadline for RC Program

Whenever there is an approaching sunset deadline for RC Program, some consular offices issue Immigrant Visas with expiration dates up to the sunset date, while other offices issue IVs with regular 6 months validity dates. The DOS should have a consistent stance on this matter, and issue a Press Release well in advance justifying the position they take on this issue.

USCIS notice regarding the approaching March 6th 2009 sunset deadline for EB-5 Regional Center Program

As we stated, we believe this deadline will almost certainly be extended shortly. However, we are posting this USCIS notice below. A PDF file of the same can be viewed at:

Clarification on the CSC address for Regional Center designation request

Because applications for EB-5 regional center designation are not filed on a form, the mailing room at the California Service Center sometimes rejects them. To try to prevent this, USCIS headquarters has asked me to disseminate the guidelines below.

The below is the USCIS's released statement on the clarification.

Please send Regional Center Proposals to:

[HOT] California Service Center becomes the mandatory place to file EB-5 related applications

USCIS has released a Federal Register news stating that California Service Center is now the designated office to receive all EB-5 related applications, such as I-526, I-485 and I-829 applications, as well as application to become a designated regional center.