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Actual services rendered by our office

Information on actual services rendered by our office.

[HOT] A paid consultation to an Indian national client in PA

Our office recently gave a paid consultation to a very nice Indian national client in PA. This consultation involved issues concerning H-1B, labor certification and direct EB-5 case issues. We also provided a referral to an AILA attorney based in PA as a courtesy. The client was satisfied.

[HOT] Telephonic consultation to a Texas company

We recently provided one-hour of paid consultation to a Texas based company on recommended structuring for additional direct, EB-5 cases and I-829 requirements for an existing EB-5 case.

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Young Noh attends the first meeting of AILA EB-5 Liaison Committee for 2011 ~ 2012 term

Our principal immigration attorney, Young Noh, attended the first meeting for AILA EB-5 Liaison Committee for 2011 ~ 2012 term on June 17th 2011 at San Diego during AILA Annual Conference.

All indication is that 2011 ~ 2012 term will be a challenging and pivotal year for the EB-5 Program.

As you may know, AILA EB-5 Liaison Committee is composed of around ten very experienced EB-5 attorneys.

Young Noh has been invited to serve as AILA EB-5 Liaison Committee Member for 2011 ~ 2012

Young Noh was honored to accept AILA's invitation to become AILA's EB-5 Liaison Committee Member for 2011 ~ 2012. Hopefully, USCIS/CSC and AILA can work together in the coming year to improve the EB-5 Program that reflect the real world needs, and is fairly and consistently administered.

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