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Sample success stories of our EB-5 clients

Sample success stories

[HOT] Congratulations to our EB-5 client in Florida

who recently obtained I-829 conditions removal petition approval, as well as permanent green cards. This smart, English-speaking client selected the EB-5 project on his own, and our office just provided I-526 and I-829 services.

[HOT] We recently helped two Asian investors obtain I-526 approvals!

We recently helped two Asian investors based in one of South East Asian countries obtain I-526 approvals and Immigrant Visas. They will probably immigrate to California soon.

[HOT] Telephonic consultation with a nice Chinese-American lady living in the East Coast

Today, we gave a telephonic consultation to a nice Chinese-American lady living in the East Coast, who called on behalf of her brother in China who wants to do an EB-5 case, to find out what factors she should look for in several potential EB-5 projects she was given by the EB-5 agent company in China. After the consultation, she seemed to be very satisfied with the consultation. It was too bad that I could not speak Mandarin, but luckily her English was good enough for us to communicate.

Our office has recently obtained I-526 approval notices for two SE Asian nationals

They were two friends who were executives and shareholders of the same successful company in their home country. We are now in the process of handling their IV consular processing. For confidentiality purpose, we are not even disclosing their home country because they are from a country in SE Asia where not many even attempt EB-5 cases. [Hint: It's not China, Vietnam, Korea, Taiwan, Japan or Hong Kong.]

Having handled I-526 cases in this particular country, we learned helpful information on this country's business practices and system that are relevant to EB-5 cases and procedures.

[HOT] Another I-829 approval notice received in August 2012

Our client and family received I-829 approval notice in 2 years from the time they acquired CPR status. This means CSC approved the I-829 in less than 3 months. Link to the I-829 approval notice below.

For more sample I-829 approval notices, go to:

Note we rarely post any I-526 approval notices because CPR acquisition is not the ultimate goal of EB-5 investors: It's the acquisition of "permanent" green cards and the recouping of their investments.

[HOT] I-485 approved in 4 months after I-526 petition approval

Recently, our office obtained I-485 approval for a very nice Chinese-American couple working in nonimmigrant visa status after we successfully handled their I-526 immigrant petition. They received the below email notification from USCIS.

It seems that I-485s of my wife and I have been approved. Thank you very much for your help.

Best wishes,

Begin forwarded message:

Date: July 2, 2011 12:00:02 AM PDT
Subject: Case Status Information for Receipt Number: XXX


The last processing action taken on your case

Receipt Number: XXX


Your Case Status: Card/ Document Production

I-526 based I-485 approval in less than 2 months!

Recently, in May 2011, we had I-485 adjustment applications for a family of four approved in less than 2 months! We don't know if we got lucky or not, but even we were surprised how fast I-485s got adjudicated.

See below link for the actual I-485 approval. Note the Receipt Date and Notice Date.

Another I-829 approval in May 2011

This client decided to pursue an EB-5 case when he was in F-1 status.

[HOT] An actual USCIS email notification for production of new green cards after I-829 approval!

The below is an email notification that USCIS sometimes sends out when your I-829 conditions removal petition has been approved and production for new permanent green cards has been ordered.

Congratulations to this particular investor who had decided to pursue EB-5 case from another nonimmigrant status!

Date: Fri, 11 Mar 2011 12:00:07 -0500
To: **************
Subject: Case Status Information for Receipt Number: WAC10*******


The last processing action taken on your case

Receipt Number: WAC10******


Your Case Status: Card/ Document Production

A few sample I-829 approval notices our law office has obtained

Some sample I-829 approval notices our law office has obtained can be viewed at:

[HOT] I-829 approval notice becomes more official looking

USCIS is now issuing I-829 approval notice which looks more official, by having a golden-colored USCIS seal at the bottom right side. It looks like an official prize certificate or something.

I-526 petition finally approved after submitting two RFE response for a nice Chinese national professional couple

A Chinese national professional couple in West coast finally got their I-526 immigrant petition approved. The RFEs did not have any issue with lawful source, as the source of the investment (Chinese source) was carefully prepared. Rather, the RFEs were due to CSC' misunderstanding of how the jobs were counted, which was finally resolved with a more detailed job study.

I-829 approval for our I-829 client from Russia

Our office recently in early August 2010 received the following news from a very nice I-829 client (from Russia) whom we helped successfully process I-829 conditions removal case.

Dear Mr. Noh,

Our new green cards have arrived in the mail today! Both my **** and I got the 10 year cards, that are valid until 2020. I am attaching the copies for your records.

Thank you for your work! Please let me know if we should do anything else at this time.

It took around 5.5 months for CSC to approve this particular I-829 conditions removal petition. It's not unusual to receive permanent green cards now days before or even without receiving I-829 approval notices. I looked at their permanent green cards, and I can testify that the cards do now have green colored backgrounds. Looks more "official".

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