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[HOT] Overview of the EB-5 Process for Potential EB-5 Clients

Many potential EB-5 clients wish to better understand the entire EB-5 Process before they undertake to pursue the EB-5 case, and this is perfectly understandable. Here is an overview of the entire EB-5 Process.

1. You decide on the RC Program and/or decide to pursue a direct, individual EB-5 case.

2. Pick a U.S. immigration attorney to handle your EB-5 case.

3. You consult in detail with a qualified U.S. immigration attorney regarding the probability of success of your EB-5 case and more importantly, potential issues and problems of your case, as well as how to best structure or tailor your EB-5 case.

4. You get your funds ready, as well as prepare evidentiary documents to meet the requirements of I-526 immigrant petition to be submitted to California Service Center (CSC).

5. You wait anywhere between 3 to 6 months after your submission for adjudication. The adjudication time period can get longer if there is a Request For Evidence issued by CSC for additional information or documents.

6. After I-526 petition is approved, you decide on EITHER I-485 processing or the Immigrant Visa processing through the American Embassy located at your home country, to obtain "conditional" green cards or "temporary" green cards for you and your dependent family members. In truth, you have to decide on this course of action in advance, BEFORE you submit your I-526 petition.

7. The I-485 or IV Processing can take anywhere between 5 to 12 months. Generally speaking, the IV Processing is quicker but not necessarily true in some cases. There are pros and cons with either route.

8. After you obtain your Conditional Permanent Resident (CPR) status -- you obtain this status upon approval of your I-485 or the first entry into the United States after you are issued Immigrant Visa by the American Embassy -- you have to wait for 21 months or 24 months before applying for I-829 conditions removal application to change your "conditional" green card into a "permanent" green card.

9. During this waiting time, which can take anywhere between 4 to 12 months, you fulfill your review responsibility as an investor in the EB-5 project.

10. If and when I-829 is approved, you celebrate.

The above is a short but succinct summary of the EB-5 Process for potential EB-5 clients.