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Potential EB-5 Investor?

By eb5attorney - Posted on 23 January 2009

If you are a potential EB-5 investor and wish to process either a regional center-based or direct investment EB-5 case, you have come to the right place. We recommend you review carefully the "Know's & Do's" for potential EB-5 investors located at: before contacting our immigration law office via an email at:

Note that we are a small law office, so we are unable to retain many EB-5 cases per year. However, we are able to provide very responsive services because we limit the number of cases we retain.

In our experience, potential EB-5 investors are concerned mostly with the following questions, but if they have to sacrifice one, they will sacrifice the number 3.

1. Will I get conditional and permanent green cards?

2. Will I get back my initial investment amount?

3. Will I receive a decent profit?

If you wish to learn about the substantive and procedural requirements of EB-5 case, please visit: for an overview of both I-526 and I-829 requirements.

You may also wish to review the "About Us" section at