Other Visa Options you might want to consider

This section will examine other types of visas (immigrant and non-immigrant) which might be valid options to pursuing an EB-5 Regional Center case. [We already examined Direct, Individual EB-5 option at www.eb-5center.com/direct_eb5 section of this site.] Although other visas also have their own problems, a potential EB-5 investor should go through each type of visas listed to make sure that EB-5 is the most suitable avenue for him or her. It all depends on your personal situations and preferences in determining which visa is most suitable for you.


  • Priority worker multinational
  • Extraordinary Ability Worker
  • Labor Certification

NIVs: Note that extensive information on E-2/E-1 visas is available at: www.e-2california.com site.

  • E-2
  • E-1
  • L-1
  • H-1B