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EB-5 Programs & Projects

News on particular EB-5 Programs and Projects will be uploaded here.

EB-5 Law & Developments

This section contains news on EB-5 law and new developments, etc.

Improving EB-5

In this section, various articles or proposals explaining possible improvements that need to be made to various aspects of EB-5 Program.

EB-5-related issues for Project Companies, EB-5 clients, Regional Centers and wanna-be Regional Centers

For an overview of the EB-5 law and Program, go to: www.eb-5center.com/overview, which should be read before getting into more detailed information or issues.

Here, various EB-5 issues as they develop will be examined in detail. Most people do not realize that new EB-5 issues crop up constantly, mainly because the EB-5 law is still a developing field and the statutes and regulations do not cover specific issues; and we believe some of the important issues that will come up will be of first impression even to USCIS.

We attempted to divide and group the articles that are relevant into the following categories:

1) "Existing/Potential EB-5 Clients";
2) "Existing/Wanna-Be Regional Centers"; and

"Easy as EB-5" -- Key EB-5 concepts made easy

By titling this section "Easy as EB-5" (a catchy phrase we might add), we by no means intend to imply that the EB-5 law and procedures are "easy as eating a pie". The title of "Easy as EB-5" is meant to suggest instead that learning about EB-5 law does not have to be that difficult and can even be enjoyable (well, not enjoyable, but at least, somewhat interesting).

Potential EB-5 Investor?

If you are a potential EB-5 investor and wish to process either a regional center-based or direct investment EB-5 case, you have come to the right place. We recommend you review carefully the "Know's & Do's" for potential EB-5 investors located at: www.eb-5center.com/taxonomy/term/16 before contacting our immigration law office via an email at: www.eb-5center.com/contact

Note that we are a small law office, so we are unable to retain many EB-5 cases per year. However, we are able to provide very responsive services because we limit the number of cases we retain.

In our experience, potential EB-5 investors are concerned mostly with the following questions, but if they have to sacrifice one, they will sacrifice the number 3.

1. Will I get conditional and permanent green cards?

[HOT] RC Program Track Records of Regional Center Programs in General and Our Sample I-829 Approvals

* The recent denial rate for both I-526s and I-829s during early part of 2011 fiscal year is said to be around 15% -- that is way too high but this statistics really does not mean too much, because when you take into account I-526 or I-829 cases which are voluntarily or involuntarily abandoned or withdrawn, we would venture to guess that the actual denial rate is substantially higher than the denial rate provided by USCIS.

[HOT] Current USCIS List of Designated EB5 Regional Centers List as updated by USCIS

USCIS' official website on EB-5 Regional Centers, including a list of designated Regional Centers, can be found at: http://www.uscis.gov/working-united-states/permanent-workers/employment-...

As of January 2014, there are over 400 USCIS designated Regional Centers (RCs) operating across the United States. Note USCIS does not provide individual track record of specific designated regional center, so it is not feasible to find out totally accurate track record of any designated regional center.

EB-5 News -- Prompt & Pertinent!

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EB-5 Law & Development Related News

EB-5 Programs & Projects Related News

News of sample success stories of our EB-5 clients We just started this section, but we recommend you visit http://eb-5center.com/investor_profiles for more details.

www.eb-5center.com site news containing information and news on how to better use this site.

EB-5 Procedure

In this section, the eb-5 procedure, including I-526 petition procedure and immigrant visa procedure (or adjustment processing) will be summarized for each understanding.

[HOT] Direct Individual EB-5 case -- Is it for you?

Our office can also help those EB-5 investors who, for various reasons, decide not to pursue a Regional Center EB-5 case, and instead, decide to pursue a direct, individual EB-5 case. We believe that the most important aspect of immigration services rendered in connection with a direct, individual EB-5 case is to obtain detailed facts and analyze the facts in relation to the existing EB-5 law, so that you can properly advise the U.S. business and/or alien EB-5 investor so that they can properly structure the investment in compliance with the EB-5 law.

EB-5 processing step-by-step at your fingertips!

The procedure for the EB-5 Regional Center case involves first reviewing all relevant Regional Center and particular EB-5 project documents; and after that, by placing requisite funds in a designated escrow account, and then, with the help of a U.S. immigration attorney, preparing necessary documents to submit to USCIS an I-526 immigrant petition.