ASC Biometrics Notices Info

For internal research purpose.

To tell the ASC what data they need, the USCIS places a code in the upper right corner of the ASC notice. Here is what those codes mean:

1 – 10 Prints Only - They will take a scan of your fingerprints.

2 – Photo, Signature, Index Finger Print - They will take a digital photo, obtain your signature and finger print your index finger.

3 – 10 Prints, photo, signature, and Index Finger Print - All of the above. If it can be done they will do it.

Code 1 is all 10 FP. This is electronically sent to FBI the same day, they run it to match thru their database to match it with criminals/persons of interest and send the results the same day (or the next) to USCIS. Code 1 is very important as it is part of your security/background check and determines admissibility for green card.

Code 2 (index+photo+sign) is for the generation of cards for immigration benefits e.g. EAD, green card etc. If you filed for EAD, you definitely need code 2 or the card can not be generated.

Code 1 expires after 15 months e.g. FBI needs to check their database again. I have had two code 1. Code 2 is done every time we apply for benefits (EAD- once a year).

Code 3 is a combination of both, when USCIS wants to get a security check done on you as well as generate cards (GC, EAD) for you.