[Q] What is an "exemplar" project?

It's akin to a model type project -- a model type of project hypothetical project. Actually, an "exemplar" project can be either a hypothetical or "actual, shovel-ready" project; and the current pre-approval process allows for the pre-approval of both types of projects via either "exemplar" pre-approval procedure or amendment pre-approval procedure. Therefore, the name "exemplar" does not indicate whether the underlying project is a model type of project or an actual project.

We feel the introduction of the "exemplar" concept just adds to the confusion and provides no benefit, because when the actual project comes along, you still have to submit a RC amendment just to confirm that the actual project fits within the "exemplar" project approval. Too time consuming and is needless. USCIS has to focus on providing certainty and avoid this kind of "cute" concepts and procedures. Real projects have no time to engage in this kind of time-consuming procedures which provide no practical benefit, unless USCIS is willing to allow any and all actual projects which fall under the parameters of the "exemplar" projects approved to be used as substitute projects to replace the initial project. We just do not see the need for pre-approving hypothetical projects. Just pre-approve "actual, shovel-ready" projects as fast as possible, and that should be fine.