[HOT] Why EB-5 Program does really create jobs -- a common sense perspective

I am here to tell you that the EB-5 Program does really create jobs for the following reasons.

1. Even though in our opinion, some of the "reasonable" job-calculation (job-estimating is a more apt word) methodologies can sometimes yield inflated job figures depending on how they are used, these are the same methodologies utilized by governmental agencies to estimate the economic effects of projects. When you are dealing with indirect and induced job effects, there is always a tendency to overestimate economic effects. However, it should be noted that without these "reasonable" methodologies, there is no way that EB-5 investors can estimate the 10 "full-time" jobs creation effects from indirect and induced economic activities.

2. Also, it should be noted that part-time job effects are not included, which when you think about it, is not fair.

3. Also, temporary direct construction jobs are not allowed to be counted, but these 3 to 6 months temporary jobs do indeed create economic benefits.

4. Each EB-5 case means there is one, additional relatively rich permanent resident family generating economic activities in the U.S. Most of these EB-5 investors' families purchase relatively expensive houses, buy nice cars, and a lot of them sends their children to private schools. In short, they do end up spending money and do not depend on public funding from U.S. governmental agencies. Actually,

5. Many of them start their own businesses here in the U.S., using their business contacts and know-how, which creates additional jobs.

Therefore, when you add up these economic effects, these EB-5 investors are beneficial, economic additions to the United States.