2010/10/27 -- CSC Stakeholders Meeting

We were there personally and sat through 2.2 hours. Note we are listing only those points which were clearly answered.

1. Where PA's I-829 is pending and dependent obtains CPR status, then dependent cannot join the PA's pending I-829, but the dependent can file a separate I-829 immediately even though separate filing fee must be paid. [Note that if PA has not yet filed I-829, then dependent with CPR status can join the PA's I-829 filing.]

2. Projects using third-party insurance will be reviewed very strictly because this brings up the issue of redemption.

3. For a troubled business, EB-5 funds can be used to pay off debts incurred in the past, as there is nothing in the regs to prohibit this.

4. Indirect/induced construction jobs in context of spending model for a construction project completed in less than 2 years do not have to show that indirect/induced construction jobs last for more than 2 years. Only direct construction jobs need to last more than 2 years to count.

5. Legal standard of "material change" is under HQ review. Therefore, CSC cannot answer this at this time.

6. Whether NTA is issued after I-829 denial is a matter of discretion.

7. Additional examiners in training for EB-5 work, to double the number. They go through 2 weeks of training.