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I-829 submission pending or waiting stage

After you and your dependents file I-829 conditions removal, you should receive I-829 receipt notices, but you will need to do several things to ensure your conditional green card status is maintained, even after the expiration date of your conditional green card, and also to ensure you can travel back and forth without encountering problems at the airport.

Of course, along with I-829 receipt notice, you and family members should receive ASC Biometrics Notices requiring you and family members to show up physically to take photos and fingerprints. Depending on where you and your family members are, this may create some scheduling issues.

We always crack up when we hear some people say the EB-5 Program is all about allowing EB-5 investors to easily obtain green cards by investing "mere" $500,000 USD. These same people would never do EB-5 cases, if they knew all the procedural and substantive requirement hoops they have to jump through and fulfill to get to the final point. It's easier said than done.