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[HOT] Latest USCIS stats on I-526 and I-829 approval rates

By eb5attorney - Posted on 20 June 2010

These are approval and denial rates "on the average". [I had to revise previously-posted percentages.] I arrived at the percentages by adding number of approvals to number of denials, and then dividing this total number into number of denials to arrive at the denial rate. Then, I subtracted the denial rate from 100% to arrive at the approval rate. Note that when you add approvals and denials, the total number exceeds the number of cases filed during that year; this means the cases approved or denied are not necessarily from the cases filed during that year. For example, some cases might have been filed the year before but may have been approved in that year. See below.

The latest USCIS released statistics on the numbers and percentages of filed I-526 and I-829 cases is attached hereto in its entirety. Read from page 6.

For 2009 fiscal year, I-526: 966+163 = 1129 (> 1028). And for I-829, 335+55=390 (<437). The numbers seem to be confusing.

Sorry, I had my percentages of approvals and denials wrong, but here is the answer to your confusion. It means during 2009 fiscal year, 1028 cases were filed, but the number of cases approved and denied are not necessarily from the same 1028 cases filed. Therefore, to arrive at the right percentages, what I had to do was to add 966 and 163, which equals 1129 and then divide 1129 into 163 to arrive at the denial rate, which is: 14.4%. Alternatively, this means there is 85.6% approval rate of I-526 immigrant petition.

I corrected the percentages now. Our mistake.

Where can I find a listing of Regional Centers along with the approvals they obtained (or denials)?



You can find the listing of Regional Centers designated by USCIS, but to our knowledge, there is no list (official or unofficial) with an up-to-date info on approvals and denials for I-526s and I-829s. In short, no one knows for sure. I don't think even USCIS knows this info.

Do you have a more updated statistics of the approval and denial rate for I-526s and I-829s? Do you find it in the USCIS website?

And do your have the statistics of the denial rate of I-485s and DS-230?



USCIS just released more updated statistics which has been uploaded.

anybody knows how many i-829 denials were made and details about why they were rejected?


USCIS released its statistics for the year 2010 showing that around 15% to 20% of all I-829s filed were denied, but they do not keep data on the reasons for denials. I am sure the most prevalent reason for denial is the lack of job-creation. Look here:

i meant in 2010

See above response.