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[HOT] [Q] Can you tell me a little bit about the California Service Center facility and EB-5 Unit?

Yes, we can tell you a little bit of the CSC facility because we recently participated in an AILA sponsored tour of the CSC facility (conducted by CSC staff) on April 28, 2010. Here are personal observations:

1. CSC facility, a yellow-orange colored pyramid like building, is located at 24000 Avila Road, Laguna Niguel, CA. For those of you who are not familiar with Laguna Niguel area, it is relatively affluent area around 30 minutes away from Irvine, CA and around 50 to 60 minutes away from the Los Angeles, CA. I always imagined the CSC as being located in the middle of a desert but that was not the case.

2. Lines of thousands files everywhere. Hundreds of contractor workers receiving and fee'ing the files, dividing them into different types of cases, I-130, I-140, Premium Processing cases etc. File rooms were just warehouse with rows of files. You can easily imagine your case file getting lost if someone makes clerical mistakes.

3. The interior work spaces were not as nice as it could be. [I think CSC should participate in an EB-5 project to upgrade its interior to create a more friendly working environment. :)] Examiner is stationed at a partitioned cubicle, similar to a caller customer center you see in movies but the partitions were not as nice.

4. An average age of examiners working at the CSC appeared to be around 35 years old (but some looked younger and some looked older), and many of the contractor workers and examiners appeared to be immigrants themselves. They actually appeared to be nice, and I even exchanged greetings with some of the examiners who said "hi" as we passed by. At least, know that your cases are being denied by nice people. I specifically asked the tour guide staff if EB-5 examiners were pretty nice, and the tour guide staff said she knew them personally and that the EB-5 examiners are indeed nice people and are relatively more experienced, and they do not rotate to other cases divisions. As a result, they tend to be older examiners, with an average age of around 40 to 50, composed of around 20 examiners, half males and half females.

5. It appears that visitors must park at the South Gate (you just have to keep on driving around the pyramid building until you see the sign South Gate.)