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[HOT] Sample I-829 receipt notices

Attached are sample I-829 receipt notices for Principal Applicant and also for a dependent. The content of I-829 receipt notice for Principal Applicant reads:

Your Permanent Resident Card (Form I-551), also known as "green card", is extended one (1) year - employment and travel is authorized during this extension. Processing your petition for removal of conditions will require a minimum of one hundred and twenty (120) days. Thirty (30) days before the expiration of this extension, if you have not been notified by USCIS of a decision on your petition, please contact the field office nearest to where you are living for further documentation for employment and/or travel purposes.

I-829 receipt notice for dependent reads:

This is to verify that you are included as a dependent in the request for removal of conditions filed by the above-named principal alien on the date indicated. This verification extends the validity of your alien registration receipt card and allows you to remain in the United States, with work authorization for one year from the filing date, or until a final decision is made on the request, whichever comes first. You may travel outside the United States and return during this one year period upon presentation of both your alien registration receipt card and this verification.