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[Q] Is there a concurrent filing for I-526 and I-485 applications?

No. The "concurrent" filing is a procedure allowed by USCIS where an underlying immigrant petition and I-485 adjustment applications are filed with an appropriate Service Center at the same time.

Why doesn't USCIS allow the concurrent filing for EB-5 cases? It's because they don't have enough manpower, and they believe I-526 petitions are too complex to be adjudicated so quickly.

We actually believe that the EB-5 law should be changed to allow investors who already invested, maintained their investment in the new commercial enterprise for at least 2 years and then created and maintained requisite new, full-time jobs for 2-year period, to obtain PERMANENT green cards from the beginning, like in marriage to USC cases.

This stuff about "conditional" green cards is not fair to foreign investors. We believe in either giving green cards or not giving green cards. "Conditional" status creates too much complexities when the cases do not go as planned. We think this is a "dumb" frame work that does not take into account how much money, time and effort these foreign investors have put into their decision to move to the good old USA. It creates more work and money for USCIS and attorneys, and more hassle for investors and their families.

If you are going to give U.S. citizenship to people for just being born in the US, you certainly should give "permanent" green cards to these investors and family members who actually are helping U.S. economy. We realize there is a constitutional right to the former, but from a practical point of view, it doesn't make sense.