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[Q] Currently, how many designated Regional Centers are out there?

As of January 29, 2009, there are around 30 designated Regional Centers which have been approved by USCIS to put together EB-5 projects which comply with the parameters of their approved Regional Center. Note however that many of the Regional Centers are relatively new, and many of them have scant track records, and some have not even completed a successful project, let alone have any records of successful I-829 conditions removal cases. Therefore, selecting a suitable regional center and a suitable EB-5 project, in itself is an important and difficult task to a layman. Of course, our opinion is a smart and practical layman might do a better job than a lazy and dumb professional any day (see what happened to the Wall Street), but a helping hand of an experienced and capable professional in the U.S. immigration field will probably help.

Just like cars, there are better known car companies and lesser-known car companies; but a lesser-known car company does not mean its car is not suitable for you or vice-versa. However, having said this, cars and regional center programs are not the same types of products.