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[HOT] [Q] What are the absolutely minimum facts I should know before beginning my EB-5 case?

In our opinion, here is the absolutely bare, minimum information you should know before you begin your EB-5 case.

1. Basic understanding of EB-5 requirements. If you don't know the difference between a TEA and regional center benefits, you need to study this website to gain sufficient understanding. The "Easy As EB-5" section above might be helpful. We strive to give you a solid understanding of the current state of EB-5 law and issues.

2. It takes at minimum around 9 months, depending whether you follow IV processing or I-485 adjustment processing, before you and your family can immigrate to the US as a conditional permanent residents. In all likelihood, it will take longer than this. The processing time depends on many factors, such as which country you are in, how fast CSC adjudicates your I-526 petition, etc.

3. If you plan to pursue a regional center based EB-5 case, the major types of regional centers, according to their investment structures.

4. Check to make sure the area where job-creation will take place qualifies as a TEA.

5. Know that job-creation (how and when the jobs will be created) is very, very important when it comes to getting your I-829 conditions removal petition approved in future. Therefore, you should know exactly how you will create the requisite jobs and when you are likely to create the jobs. Start putting together a simple business plan in your own words.

6. How you will come up with the requisite investment amount, and whether that will comply with the "lawful source" requirement of EB-5 law.

Unless you possess a good understanding of the above items, you are not ready to begin your EB-5 case. We would even advise you to pay consulting fees to find out as much as you can. After all, if you are going to be investing more than $500,000 USD in your EB-5 case, you should be willing to spend $1,000 or $2,000 to find out the requirements as clearly as you can to your satisfaction.