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EB-5 services tailored for direct, individual EB-5 cases

We offer following immigration services for direct, individual EB-5 case to either or both the U.S. company which will act as a new commercial enterprise and/or the alien EB-5 investor.

1. Obtain necessary facts and analyze the facts in relation to the existing EB-5 law, so that the contemplated investment can be properly structured. To do a good job, it takes an EB-5 attorney who is experienced in not only EB-5 law but who has a good understanding of business law and practices.

2. Prepare and submit I-526 immigrant petitions and I-829 conditions removal petitions.

3. Also, work with other professionals such as CPA and business attorneys to make sure all aspects of EB-5 requirements are maintained and necessary evidences that need to be submitted at the I-829 stage are maintained and properly prepared.