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[HOT] How a real estate development company can utilize regional center program

Let's say you are a real estate development company (hereinafter called "PC" for "Project Company") engaged in a development of a convention center in Hawaii. Let's say the total project costs $100 Million, and you already have $30 Million equity financing, and the project will be completed within 2 years. This kind of situation may present an ideal situation for your company to obtain additional financing at below the market rate and help you successfully complete your development project.

You, as a project company involved in a job-creating project(s), have a choice of establishing and getting approved your own regional center from USCIS which can be very expensive and time-consuming, or you can utilize already-existing regional center and work with that regional center to reach a "win-win" benefits.

For various reasons, establishing your own regional center will not work for a project company which is not well-versed in EB-5 law or how to structure or market EB-5 projects. Many people have a mistaken impression that you just set up a good EB-5 project and a load of foreign EB-5 investors will knock on your door; that's just not the case, as many regional centers will testify. The best solution is to work with someone who knows the EB-5 processing and to work with the right regional center.

The PC first needs to understand the requirements of EB-5 law. It then needs to analyze whether their project is suitable for a regional center EB-5 project. It then needs to find suitable regional center which has the necessary experience, knowledge and track record. It then needs to structure their project in a way that will comply with the EB-5 law requirement. It then needs to understand what their obligations are and be willing to abide by these obligations. With the right help, the PC can really optimize the way their project is financed and obtain a "win-win" benefits that are envisioned by the EB-5 Regional Center Program.