[HOT] So, you are looking for a "good" EB-5 Regional Center?

You should first have a clear idea of what you mean by "good" regional center? Ultimately, you have to decide which aspect of Regional Center Program promotes your goals.

Flat out, there is no Regional Center that will have everything you want, and bluntly put, we are not "jiving" you when we say this.

What may be some of the qualities you may be looking for in a Regional Center Program? [Now, before you get there, you should have explored a possibility of pursuing a direct, individual EB-5 case instead and other options. We are assuming you thought about other options, but for various reasons, you decided that the EB-5 Regional Center was the best option for you and your family.]

Now, what the heck is an EB-5 Regional Center? It's basically a designation obtained from United States Citizenship & Immigration Services agency (USCIS). Having this designation (which is getting less valuable every day because there are now so many designated regional centers) means that a designated or "USCIS-approved" regional center can market and process your EB-5 case. In other words, it can sign you up as an investor, take your money and invest it and then help you create requisite jobs so that you and your family members can (hopefully) obtain both conditional and permanent green cards. Although a regional center EB-5 project does not mean it's a $500,000 USD project, for all practical purpose, a regional center EB-5 project is almost always $500,000 USD project, i.e., it is also in a TEA area. We have yet to see a regional center EB-5 project that requires investors to invest $1 Million USD; this is because if your EB-5 Regional Center project was a 1 Million USD project, it would not be competitive with other regional centers, and besides, such requirement would mean in our humble opinion, you can kiss good-bye to probably over 70% of the EB-5 market base, because not that many people will invest $1 Million USD to get a crack at obtaining permanent green cards. Now, if the U.S. government said it would "guarantee" permanent green cards for 1 Million USD investment, that would be a different story.

One thing we find funny or ironic is that many people who accuse the EB-5 Regional Center Program as an easy way to buy green cards for money would not be investing their money if they were in the EB-5 investors' shoes and they knew accurate information about the EB-5 Regional Center. Please do not be misled by the U.S. media [U.S. media is not to be trusted on this kind of topic not because they have some evil intent but because many reporters do not spend time to learn the law and relevant facts, and they want to present their stories in a way that would most excite viewers rather than inform them.] The bottom line is it's not all that easy to get permanent green cards -- and certainly there is no guarantee -- that an EB-5 investor will get permanent green cards for investing a lot of money or get back their initial investment funds. Anyway, we digress.

The relevant qualities a potential EB-5 investor should consider in a regional center are:

1. Chance of his obtaining "permanent", not conditional green cards. This means: will enough full-time jobs be created in a "timely" manner?

2. Chance of getting his initial investment back in future.

3. What is the profit he will earn via your investment?

4. Other factors such as: a) does the project have many conditions? b) does the project have to raise a lot of money, and does the regional center program have a track record of having raised a lot of money for a project before?

5. When will jobs be created in a timely manner and did you review the job-creation methodologies and the underlying assumptions? Is the job-calculation based on direct or indirect creation. Is this type of project which will suffer greatly when the economy turns sour?

Of course, there are other intangible factors, such as: does this regional center have a good-looking office, good-looking website, does the general partner seem sincere or sleek. :) [Just joking? You decide.]

Now, we have not seen a regional center that can deliver all of the above qualities in a consistent manner. It's not impossible, but close to impossible to deliver the above qualities on a consistent basis. To make sure there is no misunderstanding about what we are saying here: We are not saying it's impossible to have one or two projects which can achieve all of the above, but we have not yet seen a designated regional center which delivers all of the above, period. If we knew a way to do the above, we would have set up our own regional center etc . . . :)

Anyway, number 1 factor can be checked by looking at a specific regional center's track record. Number 2 can also be checked by looking at specific regional center's track record or by looking at the underlying investment structure. Number 3 can also be checked by looking at the investment structure. Other items can be checked by reading specific documents.

Lastly, you should keep in mind that this bad economy in the United States definitely does and can adversely affect EB-5 projects.