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[Q] I am a 76-year old man. Can I apply for EB-5?

Under the EB-5 law, there is no age limit to pursue EB-5. In this respect, even though the U.S. EB-5 law has some requirements and restrictions, it reflects the free enterprise philosophy of the U.S. system in that as long as you made the money "lawfully", then there is no age limit, as long as you are above the minimum age to legally enter into a binding contract, which usually is above 18 years old. Of course, the consular officer, during the immigrant visa interview, will make their own determination as to whether you are "mentally capable" or "senile", in which case you will not be issued immigrant visa. In this sense, it's not advisable to crack some off-the-wall jokes with the consular officer, since the officer may determine that you are senile based on your bad jokes. :)