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[Q] What divisions or agencies make up USDHS?

The DHS department was established on November 25, 2002, by the Homeland Security Act of 2002. It was intended to consolidate U.S. executive branch organizations related to "homeland security" into a single Cabinet agency. The following 22 agencies were incorporated into the new department. One problem is that in real life, these different agencies do not all work together and interpret U.S. immigration laws in the same way, even though the laws and regulations are the same -- thereby causing some problems and ordeals to permanent residents. I can give you many examples but I won't.

* Customs Service – Treasury
* Coast Guard – Transportation
* Secret Service – Treasury
* United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (formerly Immigration and Naturalization Service) – Justice
* United States Border Patrol (formerly Immigration and Naturalization Service) – Justice
* U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (formerly Immigration and Naturalization Service) – Justice
* United States Federal Protective Service (part of ICE)
* Transportation Security Administration – Transportation
* Federal Law Enforcement Training Center – Treasury
* Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service – Agriculture
* Office for Domestic Preparedness – Justice
* Federal Emergency Management Agency
* Strategic National Stockpile and the National Disaster Medical System – HHS
* Nuclear Incident Response Team – Energy
* Domestic Emergency Support Teams – Justice
* National Domestic Preparedness Office – FBI
* CBRN Countermeasures Programs – Energy
* Environmental Measurements Laboratory – Energy
* National BW Defense Analysis Center – Defense
* Plum Island Animal Disease Center – Agriculture
* Federal Computer Incident Response Center – GSA
* National Communications System – Defense
* National Infrastructure Protection Center – FBI
* Energy Security and Assurance Program – Energy

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