2009/02/27 -- IIUSA & AILA Stakeholders meeting with USCIC Q and As

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On February 27, 2009, there was a Stakeholders meeting in Washington, D.C., attended by many IIUSA and AILA members, with pretty important USCIS officials in charge of EB-5 Programs, during which many questions were asked and answered. Instead of summarizing this information, we thought it would be better to attach a complete Questions and Answers as a PDF file. See below attachment. We would like to note that the First-in, First-out processing that is supposedly in place at CSC does not seem to be borne out by actual experiences. It should also be noted that certain guidance memos mentioned in the attached Q & A have not yet been issued. Once they do come out, you can be sure that these will be posted at this site in a timely manner.