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CPR to I-829 Submission

When does CPR status deemed to be acquired? If you are doing "consular processing", it starts from the date of entry into the U.S. with Immigrant Visas from the American Embassy. If you are filing I-485, the CPR status is deemed to commence from the approval date of your I-485 application for conditional permanent residence status.

Either after your initial "landing" processing at the airport or I-485 approval, you and your family members should receive conditional green cards that look just like permanent green cards (except of course, it has 2-years expiration date), within two months or so, along with the official-looking "Welcome Notice". If for some reason, you do not receive the conditional green cards, you should contact USCIS through the National Customer Service Center, whose contact number can be found on the Welcome Notice.

Make sure you do not move to a new address before you receive your conditional green cards, because the conditional green cards may arrive at the address you indicated, and if you are not there to claim them, they will be returned to USCIS, in which case, you may have to go through a very cumbersome procedure to get re-claim the green cards.

After Investor and dependent family members have managed to acquire the CPR status, a care must be taken to maintain such CPR status and not lose it. Whether you are a CPR or LPR, you have certain rights and obligations under the U.S. laws. If you believe you may require a reentry permit, talk to your immigration attorney.

You may have to participate in voting if important issues come up, and you might have to review and verify the progress reports. You may also want to visit the General Partner's office to keep up with the progress of the EB-5 project,etc.

It is your duty to remember the expiration date on your conditional green cards. Around five (5) months before the expiration date indicated on your conditional green cards, talk to the Regional Center or your immigration attorney regarding what you need to do to prepare I-829 condition removal application, which must be submitted within the 3-months window period before the 2-year expiration date indicated on your conditional green cards. Of course, it is better to submit I-829 during the earlier part of the 3-months period, because it means you can become LPR earlier than later.

When you submit I-829 condition removal application, you will receive the I-829 receipt notice. Under the current procedure, you will also receive ASC biometric notices shortly after you submitted I-829 application, which means you will have to show up at ASC office at the appointed place and time and do biometrics. With the receipt number indicated on the ASC biometrics appointment notice, you can check the status of your I-829 case through the USCIS Online Cast Status Check System.