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A couple who really hit a jack pot -- in stocks

The couple had two young children. Many years ago, his wife had been working as an executive secretary at an internet-related company, when her company was about to go public. Due to her loyal service to the company, the company gave her stock option, which she exercised, and her boss also told her she should buy as much of the company stock when the company went public. She bought around $50,000 USD worth of the company stock, and after it went public, the stock prices kept on climbing, ultimately more than 40 times within 2 years. She sold all her stocks, and several years late the company went downhill. When everything was said and then, she had made over $1.0 Million USD, which she wisely invested in real estate investments and made more money when she sold the real properties at higher prices. She used some of her money to apply through a Regional Center EB-5 project in 2003, and she and her family members have all obtained LPR status through I-829 conditions removals; and they are residing in the Washington state.

Her husband says he sure is lucky for having married a smart lady.