2008/12/04 -- USCIS Stakeholders Conference Call with IIUSA and AILA

This important Summary approved by USCIS on December 12, 2008 contained questions and answers on various EB-5 issues, including:

  • a possibility of "pre-approval" review.
  • when jobs have to be created for regional center projects
  • whether construction jobs will count
  • a more consistent adjudications
  • premium processing and concurrent processing
  • processing times for I-526 and I-829s
  • successor-in-interest applicable for EB-5 case?
  • requirement of troubled business
  • requirements for expedited processing

USCIS stated that it is working on several guidances on many of the issues raised during the teleconference call. It is hoped that these guidances will be reasonable and practical, as well as prompt. Because this document contains multitude of Questions and Answers on EB-5 related issues, this document will be attached below in a PDF format in its entirety.