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[HOT] Current trends in EB-5 area

By eb5attorney - Posted on 30 December 2013

1. Do not be surprised if Chinese EB-5 IV numbers become back-logged next year.

2. Expect long delays in adjudication of I-526s and I-829s until EB-5 cases are transferred to the newly-created EB-5 Program Office in Washington, D.C. Currently, I-924 Regional Center applications are sent and adjudicated at the Washington, D.C. Office, but I-526 and I-829 cases are stuck at CSC. This delay is causing the demand for EB-5 cases to go down sharply in some countries other than China. Chinese wealthy applicants have no other options basically, so they are stuck doing EB-5 cases.

3. More and more RCs are getting their designations, which means a sharp increase in the number of RCs competing for the same number of EB-5 investors. This means the leverage will lean in favor of EB-5 agents/consultants abroad.

4. There is an increase in the number of "direct" EB-5 projects, but I expect many of these "direct" projects to also run into various problems. People who think "direct" EB-5 projects have a better likelihood of succeeding may turn out to be incorrect. Someone should do a comparison of success track record for "direct" and "Regional Center" EB-5 cases.