[HOT] Talks and rumors concerning EB-5

1. Seems like some stuff is going on at CSC freezing adjudications of all I-526 cases, except for pre-approved project cases, or any project which was pre-approved but changed in some aspects. Administrative problem, multiple lawsuits or election time effects, but seems like no one is willing to make any decisions. Heard one RC based hotel project recently obtained I-526 approvals after almost 17 months of waiting -- not the way for USCIS to run the EB-5 Program.

2. Seems like SEC is getting involved more.

3. Director Mayorkas' "overarching" memo may end up not getting finalized, or will take a lot longer than initially thought. Many were skeptical that a final memo would ever be issued given the history of past "broken" promises, but some people were willing to give a benefit of doubt.

4. No one knows what direction USCIS wants to go with this "tenant-occupancy" policy. Seems like USCIS wants to hear more comments instead of deciding. But in the meantime, what's going to happen to the pending I-526s for projects involving "tenant-occupancy" issues? Seems like some projects which do not even have "tenant-occupancy" issues unfortunately got caught up in the freeze involving tenant-occupancy issues. Not sure whether USCIS has even correctly identified which projects involve "tenant-occupancy" issues and which projects do not.

5. EB-5 Unit seems to have some staff changes to be revealed in detail in near future.

6. Is the impending election the reason for the holding off of I-526 adjudication? If so, what is it about the impending Presidential election which would or should delay adjudication?