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The "landing" procedure at the U.S. airport -- entry as intending immigrant

If you acquired immigrant visa via consular processing, you have to make an entry into the United States with your valid immigrant visa to acquire conditional permanent resident (CPR) status. You become a CPR on the very moment you enter the U.S. as an intending immigrant. To evidence you have acquired CPR status, USCBP (or USCIS) officer will stamp the immigrant visa pages of your passport.

When you land at an airport, you have to follow the "Immigrant" line and carry your large X-rays. They will take fingerprints and process you and your family members as immigrants, and stamp your immigrant visas, to show you and family members are now conditional permanent residents. Conditional green cards will arrive in mail within 2 months.

One important item is when you are asked if you would like to change the address where you would like to receive your conditional green cards, do not give a new address unless you are certain that you are going to be staying at that address for long time, because if you give a new address from the address listed in your immigrant visa application, they will send conditional green cards to the new address you give; and if you move from that address, you will not receive your conditional green cards. Getting USCIS to re-send your conditional green cards can be a big hassle, so do not make this mistake.