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Investor Profiles & Testimonials -- What kinds of people do EB-5?

Crazy people? Rich people? No, the majority of EB-5 investors who choose to pursue the EB-5 route are people who wish for their children better opportunities in the United States of America. That's still the case. Once this stops being the case, the United States will be in deep trouble in every aspect.

Investors from diverse countries and backgrounds, each for similar but unique reasons and goals, sometimes choose to pursue EB-5 cases. And we feel honored when some of them choose our law office to consult on and/or process their EB-5 cases.

In this section, brief profiles of sample investors are described. Certain information has been changed to protect clients' privacy interests.

Sample I-829 approvals can be viewed at:

The following types of investors are seeking Regional Center or Direct EB-5 cases:

  • Retirees.
  • People who are denied non-immigrant visas on certain grounds.
  • People who are denied EB-1 cases on RFEs.
  • People who are shut out of H-1B quotas.
  • People who cannot afford to wait too long under the current labor certification avenues to green cards.
  • Whose country is not an E-2 treaty country with the U.S.; and cannot pursue E-2 visa.
  • People who have a difficulty in pursuing L-1 visas. Now, more than ever, L-1 visas are viewed more stringently than before, especially in countries such as China and Russia.
  • Doctors who practically have no other ways to immigrate.
  • People who have urgent reasons to immigrate, such as dependent children about to turn 21 years old.
  • People who might not want to pursue Direct, Individual EB-5 case for various reasons. See section of this website.

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