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I-829 RFE/Denial?

When it comes to EB-5 processing, there are four types of cases which could be subjected to "denials": 1) I-924 regional center designation application; 2) I-526 immigrant petition cases; 3) Immigrant Visas or I-485 adjustment cases; and 4) I-829 condition removal cases. Because the second type of denials are relatively rare, most of the contents will deal with first and third types of denials.

I am not talking about here Requests For Evidence (RFEs) for either I-526 immigrant petitions or I-829 condition removal petition, which is not considered a formal denial. I am talking about a dreaded formal denial notice from CSC or USCIS which says "we are denying your petition (either I-526 or I-829) . . . "

No matter how carefully a specific EB-5 project is carried out, certain factors, both beyond or within control of any and all parties involved in a specific EB-5 project, may adversely affect the EB-5 project -- meaning sometimes (hopefully infrequently) alien investors' I-526 or I-829 cases may be denied by California Service Center (CSC). This section is designed to help both the individual investors, professionals and the Regional Centers involved make the best choice available and deal with the problems in the best way possible.

Note that in-depth paid consultation may be required before we can give proper advice, given the complexities of underlying facts and reasons given by CSC. However, it is very important for the alien individual to take prompt analysis and actions after receiving the denial notice to preserve any and all rights provided under the U.S. immigration law.