You are here"Easy as EB-5" -- Key EB-5 concepts made easy

"Easy as EB-5" -- Key EB-5 concepts made easy

By titling this section "Easy as EB-5" (a catchy phrase we might add), we by no means intend to imply that the EB-5 law and procedures are "easy as eating a pie". The title of "Easy as EB-5" is meant to suggest instead that learning about EB-5 law does not have to be that difficult and can even be enjoyable (well, not enjoyable, but at least, somewhat interesting). We will strive to help users gain a solid understanding on the various aspects of the EB-5 law, Regional Centers and EB-5 Projects, in an easy-to-understand manner and format -- all without the legalese that are often present in many legal sites. However, please do realize that no one can be totally objective in any subject matter, because we all have our own, little biases and are limited by our particular life experiences that shape our viewpoints. Therefore, we will try to make it clear when we are stating certain facts or merely our opinions.

If certain issues are not clear, FAQ section and many comments can be perused, and in addition, questions or issues can be posted at "EB-5 Forum" section above for responses by other users and professionals, including us. It should be emphasized that none of the contents posted in this site should be relied upon or construed as legal advice. For that, you need to enter into a client-attorney relationship and pay us some money.