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[HOT] Direct Individual EB-5 case -- Is it for you?

Our office can also help those EB-5 investors who, for various reasons, decide not to pursue a Regional Center EB-5 case, and instead, decide to pursue a direct, individual EB-5 case. We believe that the most important aspect of immigration services rendered in connection with a direct, individual EB-5 case is to obtain detailed facts and analyze the facts in relation to the existing EB-5 law, so that you can properly advise the U.S. business and/or alien EB-5 investor so that they can properly structure the investment in compliance with the EB-5 law.

"Direct EB-5" or "Individual EB-5" case is a direct investment-based EB-5 case by an individual, requiring either $1,000,000 USD or $500,000 USD, depending on whether applicable geographic area is a Targeted Employment Area. Regional Center-based EB-5 case differs from "Direct, Individual EB-5" case in very important aspects:

1. RC based project involves multiple number of investors, often exceeding 100 or 200 investors. Investors in a particular project can be either U.S. citizens, green card holders, corporations or foreign alien investors (who are seeking green cards). In other words, foreign investors whose primary (or secondary) goal is to obtain green cards through their investments in the subject project can invest along with corporations (profit or non-profit) other other individuals who are not seeking green cards.

2. In Regional Centers, indirect and induced jobs are also given credit, in addition to direct jobs. This is the crucial reason why most investors prefer Regional Centers over Direct EB-5 route.

There may be certain limited situations where the EB-5 investor may prefer Direct EB-5, such as where the primary objective of investor is to attempt to establish a successful business in the United States and they possess experience and financial ability, as well as the willingness to invest time and effort, to achieve this objective. This section will contain helpful information related to Direct, Individual EB-5 cases.