You are here[HOT] Current USCIS List of Designated EB5 Regional Centers List as updated by USCIS

[HOT] Current USCIS List of Designated EB5 Regional Centers List as updated by USCIS

USCIS' official website on EB-5 Regional Centers, including a list of designated Regional Centers, can be found at:

As of January 2014, there are over 400 USCIS designated Regional Centers (RCs) operating across the United States. Note USCIS does not provide individual track record of specific designated regional center, so it is not feasible to find out totally accurate track record of any designated regional center.

This section on "EB-5 Regional Centers" contains the latest list of all USCIS designated Regional Centers at the below link at the official USCIS website. Note that we didn't make up the list; USCIS did, so don't blame us for any error. As you can see, there are now too many USCIS designated regional centers: within a period of seven to nine years, the number of RCs has ballooned from less than 10 to 200 -- and growing every month. However, do not assume that the number of EB-5 cases has ballooned correspondingly. In reality, less than ten regional centers dominate the EB-5 area for various reasons.

See for the background on the fall and the re-emergence of Regional Center EB-5 Program.

We do not feature any specific designated regional centers or EB-5 projects in this website to avoid any impression that we are recommending a specific regional center (please note this does not mean that we do not have our preferences). Whichever regional center project you choose, you can choose our law office to process your EB-5 case. If you do happen to see any reference to any designated regional centers or EB-5 projects on this website, such information is being posted solely as sample reference materials.

We decided to create this section due to a growing demand from many "wanna-be" USCIS-designated regional centers who sometimes incorrectly believe that obtaining a regional center designation is the first step to making a lot of money. Well, think again.

First, preparing, applying and obtaining a USCIS-designated regional center takes a lot of time and money. It takes a team effort by various professionals, with someone who has a good legal and practical understanding of project structuring, EB-5 law and marketing running the operation, with a good support staff.

Second, USCIS recently instituted many reporting requirements which can be burdensome.

Third, there are too many regional centers competing for the same pot of potential EB-5 investors' investments. Moreover, the chances is that you will already find that another regional center already has a very similar investment structure, so that your contemplated regional center's investment structure is not all that unique or interesting.

Fourth, it can take a lot of time and effort to establish good marketing network, and often it is very hard to tell if some marketing companies are bona-fide companies.

Fifth, you have to work with an experienced EB-5 practitioner to obtain timely and necessary counsel and advices regarding expected and unexpected developments with your regional center's EB-5 projects and investors clients.

Now, if you are not discouraged and are still determined or foolish enough to spend money and time to obtain a USCIS-designated regional center, read on, because this section, along with the FAQ section of this website, will attempt to explain the requirements to obtain a USCIS-designated regional center. However, you should really spend some time and money in deciding whether you should pursue a regional center in the first place.